Jews on the Move

Baltimore and the Suburban Exodus 1945-1968

On the (other) Blog

Welcome to the blog for Jews on the Move, an exhibit by the Jewish Museum of Maryland, created in partnership with The Johns Hopkins University. While the dust settles on the new site we thought you’d enjoy some of the posts about Jews on the Move and what has been known around the Museum as the “suburbia” project for the past few years. These posts come from our main blog

 Moving Out by Deborah Cardin

Becoming Pikesville by Dr. Deb Wiener

Unwrapping the Enigmatic: Louise’s Italian Restaurant by JHU student Evan Fowler

A Synagogue’s Move to the Suburbs: The Beginning of the Future by JHU student Molly Martell

A Field Trip to Pikesville by Rachel Cylus

Baltimore Suburbia: A Foreign Land We Want to Discover by Laura Tomes

Surprise! by Rachel Cylus

Baltimore’s Suburban Story by Laura Tomes




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One thought on “On the (other) Blog

  1. Arthur Greenblatt on said:

    When I think about it, my mother always referred to me as her “rich son in Pikesville”. This was of course a joke, but the truth in the comment was one of age old perceptions coming out.

    When I first moved there my parents still lived in Forest Park. They eventually moved to Upper Park Heights and I moved to Randallstown, moving later on to Pikesville again.

    The name, “my rich son in Pikesville ” came back into play again once the move was complete.

    She never referred to me as her rich son in Randallstown.

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